For anyone following this blog (is there anyone? lol), the moving of the Debian install worked without hitches (other than those covered in the blog), I did have to turn off DMA access to the replacement HD however, but I think that was purely because it was a really old school drive.

The Squid proxy is up and running, it took me long enough, mostly due to my complete hate of having to read documents (I really cannot read…), you can visit for the time being at http://www.plfc.org.uk:81/, once I’m convinced Apache redirects etc work properly (behind) it, then I’ll move it to the standard port 80. Watch that space. At the bottom of all pages the time is printed, just in case you’re interested to see when the cache was made.

And finally, my computer is back and running after a near death experience. Phew. It’d been randomly shutting off for sometime now, particularly on hot days. Naturally I assumed it was the CPU’s temperature, but 68 degrees C didn’t seem that high to me (considering many people claim to be running at 80-90). I did however remove the heat sink, give it a thorough clean (amazing how much fluff builds up in there!) and got some good ol’ (unbranded) heat paste / grease from Steve (Computer Scene over in Mildenhall. Go and say hi from me.) To give you some idea, the machine was (kind of ) powering off at 68 degrees C and idling at 64. I’m now at 50 degrees idle and no more than 54 when letting Nexus bots blow each other up. Problem solved I think 😉

Update: came in this morning, much much cooler as I apparently left a window open by mistake… the temperature’s been near idling (with a GL screensaver) at 42 degrees C. Mmm mm!

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