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Writing code is one of the things I do both to pay the mortgage, and for fun. (Sometimes both at the same time!)

Some of that which is not owned by my employer I make publically available for two reasons:

  1. For my own future reference
  2. For your own reference

Now, it’s important you understand what I mean by “your own reference”, because you could mistake it to mean “This code is perfect and will do what you want, and I’ll provide all the tech support you need and add new features on demand etc blah”, when what I actually meant was “This code might do what you want, I will almost certainly not be able to provide any serious support, and new features unless neatly coded, tested and proven by someone else are very unlikely to be included.”

You also run/use/test/observe all anything I release entirely at your own risk. Unfortunately I have to say that in this day and age. I will not take responsibility for anything bad that happens, that includes bad things to yourself, your family, your neighbour’s dog, your computer, your data, anyone else’s computer or data, or the world. I hope you understand.

Finally, I hope you find anything you use helpful! Whether you’re looking for a “how does one do that” or a “I need a tool for”, let me know how it does!

Available “things”

My GitHub account hosts most of the above, plus a few other potentially useful bits.

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