What are you expecting? (Speculatory musings on Heaven.)

As a reformed evangelical Christian, I look forward with great anticipation at my life yet to come. Not the 50 or perhaps even 60 years left in this lifetime. But the next lifetime, the one which starts the day I die or Christ returns to take me home.

Over the years, it has been my observation that very few of my Christian brothers and sisters spend much time contemplating the reality of what is not yet. If they are contemplating it, their expectations are terrifyingly small or joyless. “Sitting around on clouds playing harps” is hardly the way I want to spend a week, much less an eternity.

Earlier this year I wrote a short book, I titled it “The second first dawn” (as in: the second experience of life’s first dawn). It’s a work of pure speculation, to that end it is (as far as I know) pure fiction. It may prove that I got one or two details right – but that’s yet to be revealed.

My only regret is that I intentionally avoided seeking to give any biblical defence for my Heavenly speculations. I intend to address this with a revised edition, in which I’ll include some defences in the back.

If my speculations may be of any interest to you, the book is purchasable via Amazon (both printed and Kindle) for close-to-wholesale cost. (I get a few pence commission per sale.)

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