Accessing Apple Higher Education store from home

If you’re an Essex University student (i.e. you have a valid Essex login) and you’re tired of having to enter campus for access to the Apple Higher Education store, you’ll probably be pleased to know you can do it from home.

If you’re running Linux/Unix (including OSX), you’ve already got everything you need. ¬†Windows users will need to grab Putty and an X server.

Users of real operating systems will just have to open a terminal and enter:

ssh -X
Password: [enter password]
$ firefox

Windows users will still be downloading and installing the needed tools at this point, when they’re eventually ready, they’ll have to run Putty, enter “ as the host, enter their username and enable X forwarding. Hopefully, if your X server is running, typing “firefox” at the prompt (after your password) will bring a firefox window to your desktop.

Now this firefox window will be slow, because it’s running on the University’s server. So be patient and use it only for what you need. As it’s running at the University, it’ll have no problem accessing the Apple Higher Education store.

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