Playstation Network nearly back online –

As I sit here typing, the very Playstation Network (PSN) service which has received so much flak over the last month is finally approaching usability once more.

I would like to say a huge thank-you to the guys at PSN, there’s no question over how hard you’ve been working to get things this far. Despite how many will disagree with me, I’d like to thank the non-tech guys at Sony too, for your honesty and speed with dealing with things.

I work at a PCI-DSS regulated company myself, as a programmer, and don’t have 1% of the customers PSN does. We also don’t provide a service that millions of people rely on “real-time” for entertainment purposes, nor which they expect to find working 24/7.

You guys have done a good job, please keep it up.

This could have happened to anyone, although it’s always easy to point the finger when you’re the ignorant customer.


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