Dixons – where not to buy cables.

I had the joy of walking into Dixons the other day, wanting to pick up some cheap (but mid-range) headphones for work.

The Panasonic model came in at a very reasonable price and was far exceeded in quality.

While I was there, I figured I could try and resolve my HDMI lead issue (see my previous entry regarding Ebuyer) – but never actually got to purchasing one as I nearly threw up at the sight.


That’s their official site. Those are the official prices. That’s reflective of what they had in the shop.

It’s absolutely daylight robbery. In my opinion, there should be some law against it. £99.99 for an HDMI lead. No doubt the staff in the shop would tell you “it’s extra high quality, so that digital signal won’t degrade”.

It’s a digital signal! It doesn’t degrade! It either works or doesn’t.

The other prices are just as bad. £15 ought to be more than enough for anything measuring around 3m.

If you’re reading this via my blog, or even Facebook, please for the love of me, do not pay these prices for your cables. No matter what the shop staff try to flog you.


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