The Prom

I had the privilege of observing the Soham Village College Prom (2010) last week.  It was a highly overcast day (ISO800 on the camera to even have a chance) and due to my distance from the attendees, most of my photos came out “blurry” to say the least.

But some came out OK.  There’s nothing there I’d say I’m particularly proud of, but they’re “good enough”.  They are photos of other people, so please respect their rights and privacy if you choose to download them or have them printed or whatever.

If you were one of the guys or gals unfortunate enough to have me photograph you, let me know – FaceBook or my blog.  If you want prints, it can be arranged.

(Please note, I have limited bandwidth on my server – it may take some time to load!  Full set can be viewed nice and fast at

One of many close-ups The sister-in-law looking her best. Another two randomers.Group shot.

DSCF4740 DSCF4741 DSCF4744 DSCF4745 DSCF4746 DSCF4747 DSCF4748 DSCF4753 DSCF4755 DSCF4757 DSCF4758 DSCF4759 DSCF4761 DSCF4762 DSCF4763 DSCF4764 DSCF4769 DSCF4770 DSCF4771 DSCF4772 DSCF4773 DSCF4774 DSCF4775 DSCF4776 DSCF4779 DSCF4782 DSCF4783 DSCF4784 DSCF4785 DSCF4787


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